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Gallelli Formal Wear
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Phone: 215 725-3828

For the Prom

Are there any discounts offered to prom students?

We offer a prom coupon to every student for each prom rental.

Do I have to match my dates gown?

Although not required, we have hundreds of colors in fancy vests making it possible to coordinate the color of your vest with your date’s gown.

How long before the prom should the tuxedo be ordered?

Although we can take last minute orders, to ensure the largest selection we recommend 2-3 weeks before the date of the prom.

Is there a way to rent a prom tuxedo for free?

Yes, we offer students the chance to not only wear the tuxedo of their choice free of charge but also rescieve cash towards their prom expenses by participating in our Prom Referral Program.

What if the tuxedo doesn’t fit?

With professional tailors on the premise and the largest in-store inventory in the area, we can assure you will look and feel your very best.

What is included in the rental package?

All rental packages include the following: Tuxedo jacket, pants, formal shirt, and a bowtie and matching cummerbund. You can also rent additional items such as formal shoes, fancy vests and ties.

What sizes are available for tuxedos?

Most styles are sized from boys 3 to mens 70. Larger and portly sizes are available in selected styles.

When can the tuxedos be picked up and returned?

Pick-up and final fitting is normally the Thursday before the prom. Returns should be made no later than the following Monday.


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